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Today I was arranged to get inspected by the supervisor. So I decided to teach Udon Noodles with Deep-fried bean curd (KITSUNE UDON). It should be easy to demonstrate and I thought this noodles is very Japanese.

There are some interesting Japanese names of food but quite often I don’t know the reason why it’s called, such as KITSUNE UDON. KITSUNE meens foxes. Fox Noodles should be strange name for everyone. It IS SAID that foxes like sweeten deep-fried bean curd, really??? Personally I don’t believe it. And the colour of the bean curd is similar to foxes, yes I understand that. I googled about this. To teach something gives me good opportunity to learn.

To introduce unique ingredients is fun for me as I can see their reaction. When I showed steamed fish paste (Naruto), it was asked if the taste was sweet because looks like rock candy.

I finished my demonstration but no one came to see me. Never mind, I had to carry on the class. It’s second time to teach how to make Japanese soup stock. I can show casual way using soup stock powder but I want them to learn subtle flavour. In case they prefer to cook easier way, I brought soup stock powder, Dashino moto. However no one try to use instant powder. Further more one of them asked me to buy left over dried bonito shavings (Hana gatsuo).

Most of them packed the noodles in food containers as usual. They seemed to like Japanese noodles and said healthy low calorie dish. For me

Finally. . .

No one came to observe me today. The receptionist kindly phoned the supervisor and she said there was an urgent meeting then she forgot it. It’s O.K. But it is postponed to next week, ummmm.





結局 . . .


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