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Before the class started one of the students came to me with a bunch of flowers. He thought there is one class left (actually 2 more classes) but he wouldn’t come here due to his business and this should be the last chance. So he wanted to show thanks for this cooking class. I’m very much pleased with his expression. He said to me “You are the good teacher.” (Really!!??) I didn’t know what to say  and I didn’t expect such a great gesture. The only I could say was “Thank YOU!”.

I got inspected by the leader finally. She was staying for about 1 hour. But I was too busy mind my business to care about what she was doing. Next week I will meet her for feedback, which everybody doesn’t like, of course I’m not exceptional. Let’s see. . .

I taught how to make canteen style Japanese curry (OSOZAI Curry) today without instant curry paste. Actually, when I  cook Japanese curry at home I always cook with curry powder not the paste. In Japan pork curry is popular but there are some who don’t eat pork so I arranged chicken curry. This is good for the cooking class because it takes short time to soften the meat.

After I demonstrated it’s time to trial for the students. They are really good. I tried to check all students. But each curry was different colour, texture and taste. Some curry were yellow and thick the others were brown. This was very interesting. They used same ingredients according to the same recipe but each curry was different. Anyway, they took away their own curry in the food containers happily. I had another great time. Well done, everyone.

クラスが始まる前に生徒さん(と言ってもオジサンです)が花束を抱えて来られました。彼はあと1クラスだけだと思っていて(実際はあと2クラス)、次のクラスは仕事の為に出席出来ないから、今日が最後と思っていたようです。そしてこのクラスがとっても楽しかったので、感謝の気持を込めて、と。良い先生だよ、と言って頂き、もぅ嬉しいやら、どう表現していいか分からず、ただ「ありがとう」としか言えませんでした。(こういう時の私は更に表現がプアーです. . .日本語でもそうなので、英語だともぅ子供みたいなことになってしまう、ナサケナイ)


今日は日本のお惣菜風カレーを教えました。カレールーなしで . . .です。私はかなり昔っから家でカレーを作るときも市販のルーは使いません。学校給食みたいなこのカレーだとポークカレーが普通ですが、イギリスだと豚肉を食べない人が多いので、チキンカレーにしました。煮込む時間も少なくて済むから、授業で教えるには都合が良かったです。


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