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I had received 2 emails from the students before the class started. They can not come to the class because they are not well. This winter is full of virus. My son, he is quite healthy never caught virus before, finally has had a fever 39℃ for 3 days and he was diagnosed chest infection this morning. Get well soon everyone.

Today’s recipe is Tempura. When I demonstrated how to cut and skewer the vegetables and fish, the most attract thing was how to prepare the green beans. As you know green beans are thin but I skewed them using toothpicks then cut them to make nice shape.

Look at this Tempura below. He kept oil temperature properly, coated with the batter thinly then the timing for cooking was perfect. He seemed to be very happy. I was happy, too.

While the class was going, I was asked why Japanese are thin despite of taking sugar in food and deep-frying. This is not the first time to be asked. First of all because of gene, which nobody can not change but our diet keeps good balance. We eat moderate amount and eat variety of food. I think these things keep our body.

After the class I had a meeting with the leader for feedback about my observation. I didn’t have any self confident at all because I have a little experience to teach cooking class in English and I had no time to learn about the other teachers do. Beyond of my anxious she was very happy about my class. At the same time I had a lot of great great great comments from the students. Thank you for the all support.

Most students expect me to carry on the next term but there was a contract between the school and original teacher. I was appointed just before this class started without any explanations. I didn’t ask the reason why she gave up the class.  So I don’t know yet about the next term. The leader said she was waiting the reply from her. I don’t mind but at least I am lucky to have a great experience.







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