Local cooking class after a long silence. One of the members is my son’s class mates’ mum. She is keen on Japanese food also other healthy food. She tried to recruit other members but as I expected, recruiting local people will be difficult. Basically most of them are working. Also, I can give them very little choice due to other classes. Further more they have different opinions. Some of them already know how to make sushi, others are not. Endless negotiations. . . She made a lot of effort to join my cooking class. Finally she took her close friend. So today’s customers are only 2. But never mind! I’m quite happy to teach as long as having someone with enthusiastic like them.

Their names are same. Which means we have 2 lovely Kxxxxs. They never tried to make sushi. . . (Let’s see).

I demonstrated how to make roll sushi as usual. Then let them try. Wow, they are wonderful. Really good at handling sticky rice. Usually their hands are full of rice but theirs are NOT. Very tidy. Not a mess at all.


We talked a lot with eating sushi. I know some people dip a lot of soy sauce and wasabi. They say they don’t need soy or wasabi because the taste is quite fresh and nice (Thank you!).

Next one is Teriyaki salmon. When I showed how to cook salmon, they seemed a bit surprised because of the cooking duration and simple ingredients. They ate them all!! (YES!!)



Finally I demonstrated how to make Udon noodle with proper way. I cooked Japanse soup stock with Kombu ans dried bonito, not instant powder. They loved it.

Both Kxxxxs are approachable and really professional. I was quite happy to meet them at my class. Big thank you. I hope to see them again.

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