Vol.E11: Roll Sushi


What a hectic day! A friend of my friends wants to learn how to make Sushi. But I have no. . .even single day to teach. I’m fully occupied in Feb, and will be in March as well.

At the same time Thursdays are lunch box day. I can’t cancel it as the last week I couldn’t do it for other job and next week is half term. So I decided to take them both today. I know I am reckless.

I prepared as much as possible yesterday then woke up earlier than usual. I started the class at 9.30. My friend is keen on Japanese food and it is the second time for her to learn Sushi class. Also she tries Sushi at home many times. She is really good at making sushi I don’t have to worry about anything. She knows what she is doing how to control sticky rice.

It is the first time for the new comer. But surprisingly she is OK about handling sticky rice. Not mess around. She was busy to talk a bit but obviously she enjoyed it.


Rolling sushi we chat about the school, which our kids are from same school, kids and food. It’s fun to share a lot.

They took away mostly for their family. I hope they enjoyed my class and Sushi. Thank you for coming. I had a lovely time to teach both of you.

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