Vol.E12: Roll sushi & Inside out roll sushi


I had a very nice Sushi class today including 2 Japanese ladies. One local people is grandma of Kai’s class mate. The class was her birthday present from her daughter, which was great idea.
The another is my friend’s husband. Welcome to lady’s club!?

This is the first time for me to mix with local and Japanese. We speak English most of the time. I am willing to teach local but arranging the time is quite difficult. Each has each reason. Some says weekend is free the other says weekday evening and do so on. . . Grouping more than 3 is almost impossible. So why don’t I mix together because many Japanese are flexible and want to meet local. I hope this is great opportunity for Japanese to communicate each other.

Setting up the date was smooth this time (yes!!). I am not sure how much fun for 2 ladies. Because they are quiet. . . But at least they could learn roll sushi and inside out.



Local people never tried sushi before. But everyone was really good at making sushi with handling sticky rice. Grandma will give her grandchildren as a snack after the school. He will be able to teach how to make sushi to his Japanese wife. The ladies will make another sushi after this class for birthday party.

Well done everyone!! Thank you for coming my cooking class.

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  1. A. Says:

    じーっ と立って見ているだけでも参加したかったで〜す!

    • mizue Says:




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