Vol.E13: Sushi Roll of the auction


The end of March Kai’s school had an auction for donation to the school. A family bid and win for my Sushi class. We had the class arranged.

My family is quite busy for DIY of new home but I have a duty. In the morning I was covered with dust and changed my cloth, washing hand and face then rushed to their house.

There were 3 beautiful kids, all from the same school and the parents. They loves Sushi and had a lovely time to make Sushi together. They are handling with sticky rice laughing, good atmosphere. Very nice and cosy house. Hope they enjoyed the class.

To be honest, I wanted to carry on my DIY but once I began to teach, I forgot about everything, just enjoyed teaching. Only one missing is that I forgot camera and ipad… Anyway, I had a wonderful time.






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