Vol.E14: Sushi Roll for birthday present


Birthday present from Kai’s classmate’s mum. They are close friend since they are teen. Birthday lady and her son is keen on Sushi for eating and she tried to roll sushi so many times but she says it’s chaos all the time.
Sushi class for birthday present will be the great idea. When she approached me it was middle of moving out / in. I should have recruited someone but I was occupied D.I.Y….good excuse. Anyway she was alone today. This is quite annusual.

She knows this place as she was grown up this area. What a coincident! She was friendly but at the same time she concentrates on making sushi easyly. Once I explained and showed how to, she could copy me. Well done.

Sorry I forgot about taking pics again. This is the only one. She wants to show off her skill for her family and her son was looking forward sushi as dinner. I hope she enjoyed very much. Many thanks.


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