Vol.E15: Roll sushi & Inside out roll sushi


Gratefully, I am requested having local sushi class sometimes. But I am fully occupied weekdays with normal classes and making recipes also organizing the class is quite difficult.

Only possibility will be Saturdays right now. Kai has tutorial class  and violin lesson Saturday morning but I am free afternoon. I am just wondering if Kai is OK for playing by himself. Luckily he is a little tired after the lessons and he wants to play with LEGO.

They are local couple, friends of mine and a Japanese lady, who is working weekdays and interested in Sushi class. She is living far from here. Many thanks for coming my class.

The couple once tried inside out sushi roll by themselves but they says that was disaster and sticky rice was everywhere.

Every time I teach local people I find it so much fun. If you want to eat Sushi you can go to Japanese ISH restaurants. Nowadays serving Sushi is common and you will find Sushi restaurants easily. But making sushi at home will be more important. If they learn how to make sushi properly I am sure they can do. So I will try to make my recipes with specific weight and measurement.

At first they didn’t seem to have self confident but when they tried second time then third time. . .


I could see they were smiling. Yes!!

I hope they had a good time. You can show off your skills to your family. Well done, everyone.

I had a good time, too. Having local class is special for me. Actually, it’s not easy for me to organise and arrange the recipe for the class. But after that I feel big achievement. I promised them to have another class soon.

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