Sushi class is always popular not only local but even Japanese. When I decided to have sushi class, I emailed my customers and so many Japanese are interested in. I had to say sorry to the most of them there was no room anymore. . .

There is one lucky Japanese who is living far from here. She is usually working and it took 2 hours by NR train and Tube.Today’s class is kind of bilingual. Because there are local who spent in Japan for some years, one is half-Japanese and 2 Japanese ladies’ husbands are local.

In the morning on Saturdays my son Kai has violin lesson. So I had to rush to back home to prepare the class. Oh I forgot his lunch! On the way back home I grabbed cheese straw and some snack for him. He spent his  (wonderful) time in his room alone. Yes, must he heaven as he has ipad and there is no one to scold him.

I had a wonderful time to teach. They are all enthusiastic about learning how to make and clever with handling sticky rice.
2803_sushi_1 2803_sushi_2I boiled 10 cups Japanese rice, which serves 10 people enough, but they are almost empty. They ate some and take away to their home to show off the families. They said that they wants to learn other Japanese food, such as Tempura and Gyoza. Yes, let’s do it another time. Thank you very much to come to my class. I had a very good time.

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