Vol.E17: Gyoza


It was the first time to teach Gyoza for local. Although I cooked and taught gyoza to Japanese so many times, this time is different. Because I am sure making gyoza is a kind of time consuming. So I had decided to less ingredients and less method.

To be honest, teaching in English makes me a bit nervous and it takes more time to prepare for small classes. When I have local classes, I try to think about vegetarian, especially using pork will be risky ingredient. There are many people tend to avoid pork. To make vegetarian Gyoza recipe takes a lot of time. Something missing for me and I had to add so many ingredients, which I wanted to avoid. I made many vegetarian Gyoza trials.

On Saturdays I would be busy as I have to take Kai violin lesson and English tutor in the morning. But I have no other days to teach local. After two sessions I grabed sandwich for Kai and we rushed to back home. Phew…

They are repeaters today. It is so much pleasure to meet repeaters. They love Gyoza for eating but most of them have not tried to make them. I showed how to make especially wrap Gyoza. This could be look easy for them… Little by little they made progress and are relaxed. Making Gyoza will be fun, isn’t it!? Look at their gorgeous faces!!!

2504_1We made about 100 Gyoza dumplings and I arranged grilled Gyoza, Gyoza soup, Vegetable Gyoza with soy sauce dipping sauce and sesame dipping sauce. I am very pleased to hear one of them prefers vegetarian Gyoza.
2504_22504_3While we are having the class, Kai enjoyed his time in his room alone with ipad but without my shouting. He must have a nice time.

I had a great time to teach them after seeing their smile. Thank you so much for coming to my class on Saturday. I hope you had a good time.

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2 Responses to “Vol.E17: Gyoza”

  1. Yoko Says:

    Thank you so much for the GYOZA lessons, it was supa fun! I will try it again while still remember! Good food, good recipe, good teacher, and good people always! Hope to see you all again in the class. Thank you again for having me!Xxx

    • mizue Says:

      Thank YOU Yoko san for coming my class again. I am very happy to teach you as everyone is friendly and cheerful. It was worth to make vegetarian Gyoza recipe for me. Hope you can try at home and see you soon.



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