Vol.E18: Tempura


It was the first time “Tempura” to teach local cookery class. One of the local people was keen to learn Tempura. When I was about to arrange the class I was not sure if I can have the class. One from Kai’s class mate mum then two boys meant to come here today. His mum is one of my Japanese customers But somehow his friend can not come and finally he took his mum.

They are friendly. My kitchen was full of smile and tempura smell. When I have local class, I was thinking if I do casual style or proper Japanese style. Today I decided to go easy option, which means I used Japanese soup stock powder instead of Kombu kelp and bonito shavings for soup stock. Because most of them would be beginner and I want them to learn Japanese dish is easy and simple.

Usually my class would be demonstrate style but today I demonstrated first them let them try later. We cooked Sunomono, boiled rice, miso soup and tempura. I hope they enjoyed the class.
tempuraThank you very much for coming my cookery class today. It was lovely summer day. I really had a wonderful time with you.
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本日は225位。As soon as I finished the class I had to bake cupcakes for Summer Fair of Kai’s school tomorrow. I love cupcake with pastel colour but for local they prefer to bright and vivid. I tried to my best with incredible colour. Here they are!!! Not for me to eat though.




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