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I woke up 5.30 in the morning on Sunday because of the catering. Happy birthday L!! The family and we used be neighbours. We have many common friends. Our kids used to go same school. Our kids grew up in the same area.
They moved out and we did as well. But still she remembers me.

Birthday boy has allergy to some food. I had to avoid salmon, dairy, sesame and nuts. Also she only has ethically produced meat such as free range and organic. When I chose food and seasoning I had to be extra careful. I tried not to use preserved and contained any artificial seasoning. I checked the most ingredients. Because they may contain any trace…Which means I didn’t use cube soup stock or any sauce except soy sauce. Not mayonnaise of course.

They love Japanese food, especially Sushi. Usually I use salmon and sesame seeds for inside out surface. But not today. This is the first time to cook meat ball (hamburg) without egg nor bread crumbs. But they were OK with secret recipe!? using raw ingredients.

They don’t need any unnecessary disposable plates and food containers. She is happy to transfer food onto her dished and dishes. I really appreciate her attitude.

Thanks for great friendship. Once again happy birthday, handsome boy. He is already 11th. Time flies.

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