Vol.E19: Teriyaki Chicken


Cooking class for only 2 non-Japanese today. There are some demands from non-Japanese people. But it is difficult to arrange the date. Each person has each routine, some have young kids, some have teenagers whom want to come together, some are working full time, some prefer evening class, some cannot come weekdays, etc…

Teaching local people is OK for me but I need somebody to arrange it. Anyway, I had very nice people today. One is my friend from Kai’s ex-school. I am very pleased that we still keep in touch. The another is new comer. Once I met her I was sure we will be good friends. Kindly she brought lovely tulips. She heard about my class through Japanese friend. Thanks for recommending my class.

We are all working mums. We are living in North London. Our kids are playing violin.

They love Japanese food of course and interested in Japanese culture as well. During cooking in the kitchen they asked me about food and ingredients a lot with taking pictures.

We cannot stop talking about school, education, music and nationality. I felt we are old friends and having lunch together.

Organising local class is tough job for me but it is worth to try. I feel good after the teaching always. This is I should carry on, no matter how small class is.

Many thanks for coming today. I had a great time. Hope to see them next month for sushi class.

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