X 100 @ ROCKET Gallery


It is 6th time for me to cater for this gallery. The owner J’s collection is always unique. The show…it is photographs from Palm Springs, it would be hedge, hedge and hedge for me. So I made a green tea cake with hedge shape.

I am excited about the project and it is challenging. My concern was Tofu dip for vegetable stick because the dip which I made was delicate flavour with miso and sesame, lighter than humus and other western sauce. Also it looks gooey obviously. I just wondered the dip would be more familiar type such as cream cheese. But the guests says it is very tasty and light. They dipped with not only vegetables but chicken…

The guests were delighted to see my hedge cake. Although the most popular food was Japanese fried chicken: Karaage. Its gone so quickly.

I had a wonderful time. Thank you J for asking me every year. I am so proud of working with him and of course it was a great experience.

今年で6年目。東ロンドンのギャラリーでのケータリング。年に一度パーティーを開催、その時のケータリングをいつもお願いしてくださいます。なんと嬉しいこと。場所にもスタッフにも、そしてキッチンにも慣れ、とても楽しいイベントでした。去年はギンガムチェックだったので、ギンガムパターンのケーキを。そして今年は垣根の写真が沢山なので、垣根の様な抹茶ケーキ(笑)。Hedge(垣根) Cakeと命名したら、気がついたゲストは笑いながら食べてくれました。





  • Japanese fried chicken :Karaage x 100 skwers—唐揚げ100串
  • 4 coloured Rice ball x 60—おにぎり4種60個
    • plain—白おにぎり
    • pickled radish—たくあん
    • pickled purple basil–ゆかり
    • soy beans—枝豆
  • inside out sushi roll x 60—裏巻き60個
    • cucumber & smoked salmon—きゅうりとスモークサーモン
    • asparagus & red pepper—アスパラガスと赤ピーマン
  • Hedge (green tea) cake x 100—抹茶ケーキ 100個

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