Temple and Sons



大好きなシェフ、ジェイソンアサーントンのオープンしたばかりのレストラン”Temple and Sons”。友人とランチに行ってきました。インテリアはちょい古めのいい感じのイギリスのお店とかバーとかそんな雰囲気。そんなに広くないんですけどね。スタッフもキッチンも男性多めで皆ハンサム、イェーイ!



One of my favourite chefs, Jason Athernton’s latest restaurant “Temple and Sons”. I  went to there with my friends for lunch. The interior was cosy like old British grocery / bar and all staff was very nice. They are good looking and very friendly, yes!!

My choice was Wood fires Pork Chop. My friend ordered Beef sirloin and short rib. Very tender pork and nice charcoal aroma. This is the best pork I have ever eaten. We tried and share everything. Both plates were very tasty and rib was almost melted in my mouth.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t order dessert, usually I order, as the meat was large portion. I was full until late evening. Actually I regret later. . . I will comeback here definitely.

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