Vol.E23: Japanese Food


It is a lovely birthday present idea, isn’t it? My friend also a barista who makes the best coffee(Claud W Dennis Coffee Bar) asked me to have a cooking class for his girlfriend’s birthday.

Usually I have no day off as I am occupied with many cooking classes and catering (and gym!!?? if I am free). But there were a few days before the next month. He contacted me at just right time. As she doesn’t eat meat the class has to be a kind of vegetarian. I am very happy to arrange for it. After some exchange text with him because of a surprise gift for her, we finally decided the menu.

  • nasu miso (Fried aubergine with miso)
  • veg curry
  • inside out roll
  • veggie gyoza

As they are good with hands they have no problems to make sushi and wrapping gyoza. They enjoyed cooking. Well done both of you!!

They are keen on healthy food and are interested in my house with old furniture and furnishings. With a lot of laugh and talk we enjoyed cooking and eating at the kitchen bar. There are so many thing I want to tell them about food, Japanese culture, interior and music also I want to ask them about their food, taste and culture. It was a bit difficult for me to focus on cooking…

They took many pictures including me.

I was planning to taste at the kitchen then I move to eat properly at the dinning as usual but we didn’t have enough time. I wish I didn’t have to pick up Kai today, sorry. I had to ask them to drop off to the school finally. I really enjoyed the class until the last minutes.

I had a wonderful time to share with them. Thank you for remembering my cooking class. Happy early birthday, E and hope to see you soon, F.


バースデープレゼントに料理教室。時々あります、こういうプレゼント。モノではなく、時間を楽しんでね、というのが日本と違うなぁ、と思うところです。友人でもあり、バリスタでもある彼、本当に丁寧に美味しいコーヒーを淹れてくれます(Claud W Dennis Coffee Bar) 。今、少し事情があって、その仕事をお休みしているのですが、ガールフレンドの誕生日プレゼントに、と連絡してくれきてくれました。


  • なすみそ
  • 野菜カレー
  • 裏巻き
  • 野菜餃子






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