Vol.E24: Sushi +


It was so nice to have this couple here. They are my son’s friend’s grandparents and every morning, Kai drops off to the house to pick up her, then go together.

This sushi class is a lovely gesture from her mum. She would like to say thanks to them to look after her kids. I am so delighted to arrange this class.

Originally they are from Scotland and very friendly. I have heard that her grand dad is a bee keeper. Yes! keeping bee to collect honey. Of course I know what bee keepers are doing but I didn’t think that I would meet a bee keeper in my life. I was so curious about this specialist. I may asked a lot of question about what and how he is doing.

So much talk and laugh. They seemed a lot of surprise about Japanese ingredients as they are not familiar with foreign food. I was not sure how much they eat unknown dish. But they kept saying “delicious” and “lovely”.

Many thanks both of you. It was great fun to have cookery class today.



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