Surprise party x 4


There is someone who always asks me with good timing. Usually I am busy on Saturdays due to Kai’s lessons and his play dates. But today he has only one lesson at noon then nothing to do. I thought it is better not to plan something special as his secondary school started this week and he would be tired for his new routine.

Yesterday the friend asked me if it is possible to cater for a small gathering in the evening. He knows my food and is flexible about the menu.

Also, during Kai’s lesson I can get ingredients for the catering. Because of the small party I was sure to cook until this evening. These food would be our dinner too. Sushi, Yakitori, Katsu-curry and Gyoza, these menus are basic but everyones favourite. For me they are not difficult to make.

He was happy to collect the food. Hope the Japanese food would be nice for the party. Leftover from the catering was our dinner of course. Many thanks.





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