Shojin Ryori


I am dealing with different cooking/event every other day this week and next week. As soon as finishing today’s class/event, I totally have to reset my mind to next task.

This is the first time for me to teach Shojin Ryori. My Italian friend asked me to have the class. Shojin Ryori was always in my mind for recent years. But I was too busy to think about it,  which is just my excuse, sorry. So she pushed me to move on.

Since then, I have read and searched about Shojin Ryori. I have been thinking about Shojin Ryori all the time. There are so many options to decide the menu. But I finally focused on basic menus.

I have decided to explain what is Shojin Ryori, the history, the principles, the ingredients etc, then demonstrate how to make Shojin Dashi soup stock and dishes.

Last night the friend texted me not to come today. Whaaaaaaaaat!!?? She has a proper reason and is about to cry really. She apologized me sincerely. I feel sorry for her. Because it is understandable reason. Don’t worry about me. Now, I really appreciate that she forced me to move on.

At least I have two very charming Asian customers today. We talked a lot about food culture and our back ground. We had a longer cooking class.

Thank you for coming to my Shojin Ryori class today. I enjoyed to share wonderful time with you.
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