My friend’s daughter, E’s 21st birthday party. Her choice was a vegan sushi class as she is vegan. I taught them how to make sushi rolls, inside-out, big rolls and temari then finally rice balls, as one of the girls requested.

Everyone was soooo pretty and beautiful, really. I am sorry I have to get the blurred photos. Wouldn’t it be a shame that such lovely girls are making sushi at home on Friday afternoon!?

They seemed to enjoy the sushi class anyway. They loved my sweetened soy shiitake mushroom and spicy deep-fried Tofu. I thought I made plenty of Tofu but they ate it as it is, not for their sushi ingredients.

They laughed a lot and took many pics and selfies for instagram. It was really nice to watching them. If I had a daughter like them, it must be so proud as a mother.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. I totally enjoyed and recharged my buttery from youth energy. Happy Birthday beautiful E chan!!







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